Tolam Earth Announces New Marketplace and Automated Regression Marketplace(TM) Maker to Enable Enterprise-Wide Buying and Selling of Carbon Offsets


ST. LOUIS, November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Tolam Land announced the launch of a new marketplace for digital environmental assets, to enable companies around the world to identify, price, buy and sell carbon offsets.

Tolam opens up a new world of possibilities by linking automated market maker technology to real-world variable assets represented on-chain. Tokenized agreements maintain full auditability of all attributes, roles, and actors throughout their lifecycle. Today, carbon offsets are commoditized and, in almost all scenarios, are traded without this level of veracity being available.

Tolam’s Automated Regression Market Makers (ARMM) will generate optimal liquidity and pricing through its automatic buying mechanisms, enabling efficient price discovery for highly complex arrangements of attributes such as project type and location geographical. ARMM simplifies the learning necessary for companies to make important and secure purchasing decisions in order to achieve carbon reduction, neutrality or zero emissions objectives.

Tolam uses the world’s first fully open source digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) policy workflow engine. “We enable companies to focus on climate outcomes rather than complex tools that we believe will build trust and transparency in the marketplace,” says Matthew PorterCEO of Tolam.

Tolam enables ARMMs to operate efficiently, treating all public ledger climate assets as data anchors with tokenized unique metrics linked to audit trails with embedded data.

This technology acts as a smart contract controlled by a machine learning model focused on discovering a global carbon price through a system of agents.

Incubated by two global technology pioneers — Computers of Objects Inc. and the HBAR Foundation — Tolam operates the Hedera Hashgraph, a distributed and immutable ledger usingfungible tokens, to ensure that all data in the ecosystem is transparent and verifiable.

Tolam registers the first corporate buyers and sellers of carbon offset project credits. Visit

About Tolam Terre:

Tolam Earth is a digital marketplace for identifying, pricing, buying and selling carbon assets. All ecosystem data is transparent, digitally-sourced, and auditable. Using Tolam’s price discovery and automatic buying mechanisms, we ensure optimal liquidity and pricing for all market participants. Tolam leverages the Hedera Hashgraph, the most widely used public enterprise network, for companies to quantify and report the impact of their sustainability investments.

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