True Leaf Signs First Client-To-Market Program For Micro-Growers


True Leaf (OTCPK: TRLFF) signed Backwoods BC Bud to its new market access program for micro-growers, reported.

The program will offer quality assurance and regulatory advice, microbial sanitation, manual packaging lines in line with craftsmanship and support for national distribution.

True Leaf teams up with one of Canada’s premier women producers, Tara Kirkpatrick which owns and operates Backwoods BC Bud, a heritage micro-cultivation farm based in Prince George.

“We look forward to cultivating more relationships with the craft cannabis community as we secure customers for our go-to-market services at our Lumby facility,” said Darcy Bomford, CEO of True Leaf.

“True Leaf’s Market Access Program is a solution to the many restrictions and barriers that prevent micro-growers from marketing their products,” added Kirkpatrick.

“We believe that micro-class licenses represent the fastest growing segment within the federal system,” said Andrew Gordon, Vice President of Strategic Growth at True Leaf. “There are now over 50 licensed micro-growers in British Columbia, over 200 across Canada, and hundreds more are on hold.”

Andrew continued, “We have observed that consumer demand is high for locally sourced and artisanally grown products. True Leaf’s go-to-market program represents an innovative solution that creates attractive and sustainable economic opportunities for the artisanal cannabis community. “

The program will run from 19,500 square foot facility in Lumby, BC, and offers a full range of in-house processing services to the craft cannabis community.


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