What makes Horrocks so popular? The Story of Lansing’s Favorite Market


From live music to daily groceries, Horrocks Farmers Market offers a wide range of services, including food trucks, garden centers, an ice cream business, flower arrangements, a candy counter and even a pizzeria.

Horrocks has earned a long standing reputation for its products and atmospheric quality for over 60 years.

The market started in 1959 as a fruit stand and Christmas tree farm, but quickly grew into a full-time business, offering a wide selection of fresh produce and charcuterie.

“Because my grandmother and grandfather were farmers, the money they had was just the money they had, so they had their savings for the winter to bring in the spring,” Venus Horrocks , great-grandson of founder Jerald Horrocks, said. “My grandpa comes home and says to my grandma, ‘Hey, I spent all our savings on Christmas trees and a little on Saginaw and we’re going to sell Christmas trees,’ and my grandma -mother sat down and cried.”

During the market‘s first year of operation, the Horrocks family of five was able to winter in Florida. Since then the Horrocks company has grown and grown in size, stock and quality.

Two more Horrocks locations have opened since the original – one in Battle Creek in 1992 and another in Kentwood in 2002.

But what makes Horrocks Farmers Market so famous?

Lansing locals keep coming back to the market, mostly because of its vibe, keeping the parking lot packed at all hours of the day, whatever the weather.

The rustic construction of the interior and its lingering scent of freshly roasted coffee blends provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere to explore the over 70,000 square feet of the market.

Horrocks offers 90 different coffee blends and dozens of different candies.

In addition, the market has a tavern offering shoppers refreshing drinks. Shoppers can stop by for a slice of pizza or stop by the self-service soup and salad bar for a light meal as well.

Venus first worked at the market when he was nine years old and he continues to work there in the summers.

“I love the popcorn aisle…I think when it comes to snacks, the popcorn aisle is the place to go,” he said. “It’s amazing balls.”

Horrocks is located in Lansing at 7420 W. Saginaw Hwy. and is open every day of the week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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